When our Founding Partner Rob and our LP and Formula One Champion Nico Rosberg entered the Slush Mainstage in 2023 it felt like a conversation among two good old friends going back to the roots of Nico’s life since childhood. Like athletes, entrepreneurs have to deal with many extreme situations every single day: In the end it is all about one thing: Human performance! And the determination to win!

In this Visionaries Unplugged episode we dive deeper into the human performance element and what it takes to win: No matter if you are an entrepreneur or athlete. 

Here are a few take outs from Nico’s and Rob’s session: 🏁

1. Follow Your Instincts: The electric feeling of winning can be your fuel to turn passion into obsession.

2. Embracing Discomfort is where Growth Happens: Courage is the cornerstone for both founders and athletes, but it’s equally vital to manage the associated risks.

3. Focus is Key: Whether on the race track or in the business world – winners are distinguished by their laser-sharp focus. Success demands unwavering focus, eliminating all distractions around you, intense preparation, and an obsession with the smallest details.

4. It’s all about Marginal Gains & Preparation is Key! Nico’s hard work and obsession to save any grams of (body)weight such as helmet paint saved him 200 milliseconds that should later become crucial in winning the pole position against Lewis Hamilton in Japan on his way to become World Champion

5. Balance is Crucial: Without it, peak performance becomes elusive. Recharging with family and friends is a powerful strategy.

6. Rivalry and the “Fear of Failing” as a Motivation: Rivals aren’t just competition; they serve as a source of motivation, pushing individuals beyond perceived limits. Founders, like athletes often share the competitive drive to prove something significant in their lives.

7. Never (!) Giving Up & the Tenacity to Get Going: It took Nico 17 years from karting to F1 to beat Lewis Hamilton and become World Champion.

8. ..Yet Knowing When it is Time to Stop! Rejecting a €100m contract after his World Champion title became Nico’s launchpad for venturing and family.

9. Find Inspiring Mentors: Seek mentors who inspire growth. Embrace challenges, strive for improvement, and persevere through mental struggles.