At Visionaries we have witnessed the evolution of the European tech landscape, fueled by remarkable entrepreneurs and groundbreaking startups. Yet, discovering and growing exceptional talent within our own ranks is just as exciting for us. Today, we are happy to share that we promoted Bobby Jäckle to Partner and to talk about our co-entrepreneurial journey.

We have always taken a contrarian approach to team-building. Rather than hiring established investors, we looked for the hungriest people obsessed with tech and innovation, regardless of their seniority and previous experience. At the end of 2019, during the inception of Visionaries, we hired Bobby as an intern who was planning to start his own tech venture and thought that Visionaries could be a great stepping stone. But together, we quickly realised he would be a great “entrepreneur in VC” and decided that Visionaries would be his entrepreneurial home.

Hence, Bobby was never just an employee but a pivotal force in shaping the direction and ethos of Visionaries Club. His exceptional ability to identify and nurture startups’ potential has been critical in our journey. While leading investments in and working closely with portfolio companies such as Leapsome, Apron, and Workflex (to name just a few), Bobby has demonstrated an eye for potential and a profound commitment to the success and growth of these ventures.

Bobby’s influence extends beyond individual companies. His strategic insights and leadership in internal initiatives have led to processes and analytical approaches that significantly contributed to the rapid growth and success of Visionaries Club. His focus on fintech, HR, and compliance B2B reflects his expertise and vision for the future of European business.

Promoting Bobby to Partner is more than a recognition of his past contributions; it is a forward-looking decision. Bobby will co-lead our seed fund alongside Marton Sarkadi Nagy in his new role. His promotion underscores our commitment to investing in talent that embodies our ethos of visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. As we celebrate Bobby’s promotion, we look forward to the continued impact of his work. His deep empathy for founders and strategic vision for the future make him an invaluable asset to our team and the visionary entrepreneurs we support.

Congratulations, Bobby. Your promotion is a milestone not just for you but for all of Visionaries Club. Here’s to the continued journey ahead and shaping the future of European tech together.